The latest updates on the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM)

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The latest developments in the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) are progressing excellently. Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly conducted an inspection tour on Saturday at the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) to monitor progress as it approaches its conclusion.
The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced that it had completed the main building of the museum, including the service parts, along with the surrounding buildings. These include the entrance and ticket office building, the Restaurant of the Pyramids, a multi-use building, the Suspended Obelisk Square and the surrounding gardens, as well as the existing and new parking areas and related gardens.

Construction work and the setting up of the museum’s exhibitions were completed, while 91 percent of the larger artifacts were placed on their bases, and 65 showcases out of a total of 159 were installed for small and medium antiquities. The museum includes a variety of artifacts from prehistoric times to the Greek and Roman era.

For the first time, the museum will also host two ships of King Khufu.
The first boat was transported from its exhibition location to the Giza Pyramids area in August 2021. The wooden panels and other parts related to the second ship were moved from the inside of the hole that was discovered inside it near the pyramid of King Khufu.

It is currently being restored to be displayed along with the other boat inside the museum. Construction work in the Khufu Boat Museum is now fully completed, while interior finishing works are at 87 percent.

The Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Ahmed Eissa, has announced the opening of the GEM between October and February.

Eissa stated, in statements to the press, that work is underway to complete the GEM, as well as the area surrounding the museum. He added that once the work is completed, the project will be presented to President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to fix the date of the official opening.


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