The idea of creating an observatory or a study center dedicated to the socio-economic, cultural, and business issues of Italians registered in the AIRE (Registry of Italians Residing Abroad) is very interesting and useful for better understanding the needs and dynamics of this Italian community abroad. This observatory could be a valuable resource for gathering data, analyzing trends, and promoting a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities that Italians abroad face.

Targets & Functions

Research & Analysis

To conduct in-depth research on various topics concerning Italians registered in the AIRE, such as geographic distribution, professions, socio-economic challenges, business opportunities, and their economic and cultural impact both in their countries of residence and in Italy.

Trend Monitoring

Tracking Emerging Trends and Demographic, Socio-economic Changes affecting the Italian community abroad.

Decision Support

Providing data and analysis to support policy and administrative decisions concerning the Italian diaspora, aiding institutions in developing targeted policies and programs to address the needs of Italian citizens abroad.

Promotion of Italian Cultural Identity

Enhancing and promoting Italian cultural identity abroad through cultural events, exhibitions, conferences, and educational initiatives.

Establishment of a Knowledge Network

Facilitating collaboration and knowledge exchange among Italians abroad, Italian institutions, cultural associations, and international organizations.

Supporting Italian Businesses Abroad

Providing information and consultancy services for Italian businesses looking to expand internationally, facilitating business opportunities and networking.

In essence, an observatory or study center focusing on socio-economic, cultural, and business themes concerning Italians registered in the AIRE can play a crucial role in understanding and supporting the Italian community abroad. It can promote Italian culture and contribute to developing strategies and initiatives to enhance the quality of life and well-being of these citizens worldwide.

As AIRE SOS, we have around 40 ambassadors globally ready to work on data collection. Additionally, we have a partnership with an important association for businesses abroad for company-related data, and institutional data available internationally. What we are seeking is a university partner or research center to finalize the entire project idea.