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I want to keep my Italian Health registration card (Tessera Sanitaria)

Your card expires the moment you have changed your residence and moved abroad.  Although you do not normally have to return there have been cases (especially from the autonomous regions) where the local health board has requested the return of the card itself. You have the right to emergency health treatment. MORE DETAIL IN OUR GUIDE

My registration AIRE is taking very long?

You are registered with AIRE the moment you receive a registration number normally by email.  However, the actual documentation may take anything from a couple of weeks to a couple of months to reach the town of your last residence.  This is unrelated to the Consulate or the Ministry - every application is sent to the registration offices of the towns concerned promptly - but with the services provided by that municipality, which as we know can differ greatly from one to the other.

Do I have to register with AIRE?

You are under a legal obligation to do if you are residing outside Italy for over 12 months.  But there are very good reasons for you to do so. MORE DETAIL IN OUR GUIDE

I want to change the details of my AIRE registration such as my new address, or phone number how do I do that?

The serviziconsolari.esteri.it portal allows downloading the required form for the registration of new details.  However, in some instances, it may be quicker to access the website of your nearest consulate as they may have a preferred form of amending those details.

How to vote from abroad?

You can only vote if you are AIRE registered. If you are registered you will be sent the necessary information by your Consulate to vote at national elections and referendums.  You will also be sent the cards to vote at local elections but these will come directly from the AIRE registered town,  not the Consulate, so in order to vote for local elections, you will need to go in person to the electoral station in your town (travel discounts may be available but these vary greatly).

I finally got my SSN and they talked about the importance of credit , how do I build my credit if I just got here ?

Credit is important, only with good credit can you access mortgages and financing. But it is not only for buying, it is also your business card when you want to rent a house for example. MORE DETAIL IN OUR GUIDE

I have just arrived in the USA, I don’t have an American driver’s license yet, can I buy a car? Can I drive one?

Yes, you can buy a car even if you don't have an American driver's license yet. MORE DETAILS IN OUR GUIDE

My Italian Sim in the USA does not work, what are the best phone companies?

You can buy an American sim, you only need your passport. Each company has its own store, among the most famous T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint. MORE DETAILS IN OUR GUIDE

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