Delegation of the Italian Culinary Consortium – ICC Canada West meets Marco Nobili

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On November 27, the Delegation of the Italian Culinary Consortium – ICC Canada West, led by Chef Giovanni Trigona, was hosted at the Italian Consulate in Vancouver, B.C., finding them welcomed at the entrance by a friendly presence, a Carabiniere, who gave welcomed them and introduced them to the office of H.E. Mr. Italian Consul Marco Nobili, recently appointed.
All ICC colleagues were present at the meeting, creators of an interesting and fruitful exposition of ideas and important proposals addressed to H.E. the Consul, who was also very attentive, intrigued and attracted by the indications and respectful suggestions of the delegate and all those present.
The topics covered were many, ranging from the defense of Made in Italy in Canada to the possibility of reporting those products sold as Italian, which are not Italian, which damage our tradition and also our credibility and, essentially, undermine the economy Italian and the entire connected supply chain, both at home and abroad, so it is at least necessary to give more energy to the battle for Italian Sound with the request for greater support for the channeling and introduction of authentic Italian products, in a to increase the quality of the products served by our restaurants and various catering facilities.

There was also talk of future ICC projects in Canada and around the world which aroused extreme interest on the part of H.E. Dr. Nobili, such as, for example, some initiatives that are being worked on in Canada and which can be, in the future, transferable to all ICC offices anywhere in the world, to mention one, the project, “Sicily in Canada” , in partnership with our friend Emanuele Di Gregorio (, which Toronto should also join immediately, with cultural as well as culinary proposals and, moreover, constructive partnerships between excellent producers and importers , cooking classes and dedicated dinners, also with the activation of necessary collaborations and synergies to organize gastronomic and educational trips between Canada and Sicily, all with the passionate and competent support of the ICC Chef Alessandro Riccobono (https://, currently in Palermo.

We also want to remember the presence at the meeting with H.E. Dr. Nobili of the colleagues from ICC Canada West who attended, each with their own personal and professional story: • Master Pastry Chef Chef Emmidio Isernia (, who donated one of the works to Mr. Consul of him, an artisanal panettone. •The Master Pizza Chef Giuseppe Cortinovis (•The Master of Roman Pizza, from White Rock B.C,, Chef Natanael Gammarota ( •Chef Domenico Lo Nigro Chef of the Brioche Restaurant ( and his colleague Eduardo Billardello. •The Master Ice Cream Maker Chef Giorgio Barassi (, recently returned from Palermo after his participation in the Sherbet, the great world ice cream event, who delighted those present with the story of this beautiful adventure , proudly representing ICC Canada. •The Sommelier Giuseppe De Cesare, among other things also an importer of various types of Italian extra virgin olive oil. •And, of course, Chef Giovanni Trigona Delegate ICC Canada West, with the honor and pleasure of having led this delegation of Masters and illustrious colleagues representing the entire Association, who was keen to underline their great professionalism, dedication and love they put into their activities every day. Finally, thanks from ICC Canada and Delegate Trigona to H.E. Mr. Consul Marco Nobili for his hospitality and his availability in listening to the stories and proposals of the Association, also extended to all the Consulate staff, not least the courteous Carabiniere who welcomed them at the entrance.

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