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One of the questions that many Italian citizens living abroad ask themselves is… Can I renew my driving license here in Egypt?
To simplify, the answer is NO, but let’s start from the beginning.

First of all in Egypt to drive, according to the law, every foreign driver must accompany their driving license to an International license (both the model Geneva Convention 1949″, which is valid for 1 year, and the model “Vienna Convention 1968”, which is valid for 3 years).

As pointed out by the website of the Italian Embassy in Egypt ( we quote verbatim:
There is no reciprocity agreement with Egypt, it is not possible to convert your Italian driving licence. To obtain the Egyptian driving licence you must take a driving test and show: however, the Italian driving licence, the passport, 3 photographs, medical certificate and eye certificate.
For this procedure the Egyptian Authorities also require a special bilingual Certificate of Residence issued by the Consular Registry of the Embassy.

For more information on this, the advice is always to consult the official websites and institutional channels.
Certainly the experience of the individual citizen shared with the community helps, but let us remember that it is not the individual citizen who makes the rules.

Returning to our question, that is if it is possible as Italian citizens residing in Egypt (AIRE) renew the title of guide here in Egypt, we see specifically:

The Italian licence, expiring or expired, cannot be renewed and must necessarily be replaced by a new one.

In the case of licences close to expiry (4 months) or expired no more than 5 years ago, the Consulate may issue a document called validation, which only serves to keep the licence alive until the holder goes to Italy to request a new one. The service is reserved for AIRE members and those who can prove their stay abroad for at least 6 months.

To request validation you must fill out a form that you can find online on the website of the Italian Consulate in Egypt and attach the required documents, which, in order to collect the validation, the day of the appointment must then be presented in the Consulate in paper version:

Among them do not forget:

1.expiring or expired licence;

2.Proof of current address of residence is normally required (household or bank letter dated no later than 3 months); in the consulate form there is a kind of self-certification of registration at the consular registry if AIRE

3.medical certificate issued by one of the qualified doctors not later than 3 months;

4.For those not registered with the AIRE, a copy of the proof of residence abroad (boarding pass, airport exit stamp, rental agreement, etc.).

To download the VALIDATION REQUEST form click on the link below.

Please note well, do not mislead you the wording of the form, this is not a RENEWAL but a VALIDATION then a kind of extension of your license. Which will have the cost of stationery and medical examination, once you arrive in Italy you will have to support others.

It is reiterated that will not be issued neither a new license, nor statements of any kind but only the aforementioned validation then AN “EXTENSION” of validity to your license.

The issuance of a new licence, even in case of theft/loss/deterioration, can only be requested to the offices of its Civil Motorization according to its Municipality of residence (registry or AIRE) in the following ways:

1.presenting yourself in person (even during a short period of stay in Italy); sending a proxy representative;
3.through a car application agency.

The applicant will receive the new licence by post to his address of residence in Italy.

It is also recalled that those who have consular validation has the obligation, within six months from the repurchase of residence in Italy, to renew the license itself according to the ordinary procedure provided for in paragraph 8 of art. 126 of the Highway Code, so even if the renewal made at the Italian Consulate is still valid.

In addition, it will be necessary to always keep the attestation together with the driving licence and in particular to show it to make the medical examination for the confirmation of validity in Italy, in order to prove, to the medical examiner, the renewal took place abroad and thus to demonstrate the absence of periods of no driving.


In case of application for a new driving licence, it should be remembered that the Egyptian medical certificate is not recognized, therefore the applicant will have to attach to the ritual documentation also a new certificate of entitlement to drive, with medical examination to be supported in Italy.

These references are official and taken from both the website of the Italian Embassy in Cairo and that of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Civil Motorization BUT this article serves only to dispel doubts and answer questions. We always keep in mind that rules and laws often change and therefore it is always good to refer to the institutions when you really need them.

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