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The user of SPID or digital identity cards to apply for documents abroad has been postponed until 2023 and further. In an unsurprising move, the government has decided not to implement the previously announced deadline despite being law already.

Italians abroad are therefore allowed to access all the online services without having to proceed with the digital certifications in question. This is particularly welcome news for the elderly who may not have the means to access smart devices or the ability to seek online remote identification through one of the many official suppliers.

It remains to be seen what may happen once this deadline expires, particularly if the current government reforms or even abolishes the SPID, as no other alternative means have currently been proposed. It continues to be laborious in many consular jurisdictions to access basic documents such as passports or identity cards.

Aire SOS will continue to lobby for a definitive long-term solution to access basic consular services, particularly for the elderly and the most vulnerable.

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