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Anagrafe online

Good news on the Registry Office front!

Getting to grips with the various certificates has never been easy.  The Italian bureaucracy is famous for asking all sort of certifications, from the one that certifies you are alive, to the more prosaic like a birth or a residence certificate.  But what is of greater interest to Italians living abroad has always been the AIRE registration.  Well, thanks to the new portal this can be visualised and printed too.  If you do not require a properly certified act you can ‘self-certify’, printing the document out signing it yourself.   Otherwise you can ask for the proper certificate to be sent to you by the ‘comune’ in question.

The New Anagrafe On Line

The new service was established as a Beta trial in the early part of this year with the view of extending to incorporate any municipality by the end of this year.  However, we checked with municipalities not listed and to our surprise all the certificates were there too, so you may also want to give it a go.

How does the Anagrafe On Line Works

The first step is to access the site of the Anagrafe Nazionale this will take you to a page looking like the image at the front of this post. You need to click on ‘Accedi ai Servizi al Cittadino’ which will take you to another page.  This is where you will need to authenticate using your SPID.  If you do not have a SPID you absolutely need to remedy the situation by selecting one of the several providers (Gestori di identita) using the official website here. The process should take you half an hour or so but once you have a SPID you could use it for a variety of services.

Once you have accessed the site our suggestion is to ensure that they have the correct information for you.  You should also validate an email if there isn’t one already there.  If the information is correct you can print out the self-certificates, or leave the site for a future requirement.  If the information is incorrect it appears it may be possible to request a change from the site, but we haven’t tried it.

In our opinion, this service is superior to the one provided by the Farnesina, the so-called FAST  which is anything but and is really very rudimentary but don’t take our word for it.


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