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AIRE and Taxes

While we are frequently asked about how to register for AIRE, change registration address and so on and so forth, in second place we also get some questions about tax matters, especially those related to employment.

It is fair to say that, unlike AIRE registrations, it is almost impossible to generalise.  Tax matters are by definition related to specific individual circumstances, furthermore, the situation can be made even more complicated by the existence of specific agreements between the country in which an Italian citizen resides and the Italian state.

The document below, which you can download, will give you a good overview of some of the aspects related to this complex field:

Lavoratori italiani all estero it_Guida_Italiani_all’estero

However, as stated at the start of this post, matters can vary greatly from person to person.  For this reason, AIRE SOS offers also customised advice.  If you need assistance you will simply have to register and request the service in question. If you cannot see a specific service feel free to send us an email and we will respond as soon as possible.

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