I am AIRE registered, can I renew the identity card at my municipality in Italy?


Carta d’identità come membro AIRE

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Yes. Italian Municipalities continue to have the primary responsibility for issuing identity cards and can continue to issue such documents also to citizens residing abroad. Italian citizens registered with AIRE can always go to their municipality of origin and obtain an identity card in a short time since the authorization from the Consulate is not required (as is the case for the issuance of a passport in Italy). For information on the procedures and timing for issuing the document in Italy, please contact your AIRE municipality. We remind you that electronic identity cards (CIE), although they can always be requested by the municipalities, are then issued by the State Mint and therefore cannot be obtained at the moment, but sent by post. In some municipalities AIRE is not issued to citizens but only paper ones. The CIEs can be requested in the authorized consulates but also in this case they are then sent by registered mail to the users. If the postal service does not allow this service then it may not be available.











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