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Inheritance 2

The webinar aims to clarify the hereditary aspects of Italians living abroad.
The first appointment will analyze the elements of succession practices: legitimate inheritance; testamentary inheritance; who are the heirs and to what portion of the inheritance are they entitled?; what happens if I reside abroad and inherit property in Italy?
The second appointment will address what happens to those who live abroad and want to donate their assets: What are the limits of legitimate inheritance? What are the limits of testamentary inheritance? Who can inherit? What national legislation does it rule? What taxation is applicable?


Atty. Carmine Manzione
Graduate in Law, expert in civil litigation, expert in banking and tax law, as well as in the administration and management of entrepreneurial activities or other subjects, including associations. Professional with proven work experience in the non-profit sector, expert in Management Law, Communication, Negotiation and Sports Law.


Bc. Stanislao Filice
Over the years I have developed skills primarily in managerial and financial matters, which has allowed me to be able to give support in the resolution of complex problems, even in the case of debts to the tax authorities, as well as being able to reconcile business and interpersonal skills to support development policies of the companies.
The people I have worked with have always recognized analytical capacity as well as moral integrity and ethics.


Click here to download tax and legal information about this webinar.


Nov 27 2022


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


  • o seguito con interesse il primo webinar ma non ho potuto partecipare attivamente. Si possono avere informazioni dettagliate su come poter intervenire con le proprie esigenze, come ho visto fare ad altre persone? Grazie.
    La mia mail è

    • Buongiorno Massimo facci sapere di piu’ su come ti piacerebbe essere coinvolto ad esempio come volontario, relatore, sponsor, convenzioni….. ti aspettiamo

      • Se fai parte di Com.It.Es. scrivici e saremo lieti di farti partecipare attivamente. Diversamente se hai delle domande puoi porle qui oppure durante il webinar nel commenti di Facebook. Restiamo a disposizione. Saluti

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